need some answer on adhesions on outside intestines and having pain

From: michelle (
Fri Feb 4 20:53:44 2005

I have bee having severe pain in my private area like a burning stabbing pain. and i have also been having severe gas and bloating pain with some constipation. The doctors have said that the pain in the bladder could either be ic or adhesions on or around my bladder from prior surgery from having a hysterectomy. I had endometreosis before my complete hyst. I had a colonoscopy done and the doctor said it ws torturous to go through and that it could possible be adhesions.

I have been on some pain meds. I am getting tired of taking them but sometimes I hurt so bad with the severe gas and blaoting and then with the pelvic and bladder pain. My gyn has given me a prescription of something called belladona+suppositories. Has anyone taking this and does it work good? I have not gotten it yet the pharmacy had to special order it.

Please someone respond I feel at my wits end. This has been going on for about 8 months. I do not want to be on pain meds all the time ,what are the problems with being on pain meds for a long time? THank you for responding, Michelle

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