Re: can ANYONE pleeeeeeeease help me???

Tue Feb 8 23:11:37 2005

Hi Annemarie

Im sorry to hear all your sufferings. Though I may not be suffering the same way as you, my suggestion would be to try chinese herbs, vitamins supplements and eat organic food. Try to cut down red meats and wheats.

Surgeries and medical therapy do help however you have to do your part by eating what is essential and what are NOTS.

At Wed, 2 Feb 2005, AnnMarie wrote: >Hello everyone... I dont know if many or any of you remember me, but
>Ive posted here before in the past, and well here I am months and
>months (probably even years!) later exactly where I started... but
>Incase noone does remember me- Im 20 yrs old
>(female) that was born with hydrocephalus (fluid on the brain) and have
>massive pelvic adhesions.
>I have had 31 surgeries now, for both the hydrocephalus and gyno
>problems like ovarian cysts, pelvic pain ect.

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