Kidney pain and endometriosis

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Fri Feb 4 20:51:35 2005

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Dear Cheryl,

I read your update and I have some questions I had surgery 3weeks ago because of a constant pain on my lower left I have also had severe back pain which I have been blaming on previous car accidents. When I had surgery 3weeks ago it felt much better at first for the first time pain on my lower left .Gradually the pain in my abdomen and back continued to get worse.

I called my surgeon and he has told me it must be muscle skeletal pain and I should have rehab, chiropractor and diet when I told him my pain is so bad I can't get out of bed without 2 darvocet he said I need to go off pain meds I'm so frustrated at this time I feel like no one believes me I don't know if this is something I have but the symptoms seem to fit I need to know what type of test I can have done.

my history endometrosis polycystic ovaries 3 c-sec 6 laps hysterectomy + both ovaries appendix

I have back pain on my left I was getting severe swelling in my legs until my last lap which they removed my appendix + endometrosis and fibroids now my finger and toes stay ice cold. I have always had a problem with cysts until the removal of both ovaries all I'm left with is back pain and no where to go I can't barely stand without pain and they all stay off the meds so I listen but the pain is unbearable the doctors answer to that was antidepressants (thanks alot)it seems to me the pain is causing my depression so all the doctors do is give me another pill instead of solving the problem.


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