Re: Kidney pain and endometriosis

From: Debbie (
Tue Feb 8 21:14:01 2005


I'm an endo veteran and my guess would be that you've still got endo which is causing a good deal of pain. I'm so very sorry you continue to suffer and the fact that your docs refuse pain medication is unconscionable in my opinion.

Have you ever considered looking into surgery with one of the well known endo specialists? My doctor is Andrew Cook who is renowned for his knowledge and skill in treating endometriosis. It's been my experience that there are very few doctors, unfortunately, who have the experience and skill it takes to find and remove all endo. Most ob/gyns have only a basic knowledge of endo and are more focused on delivering babies.

Doctors such as Dr. Cook do nothing but treat endo and pelvic pain, they don't deliver babies.

If you'd like to learn more about Dr. Cook you can check out his website at

You're welcome to e-mail me privately if you'd like.

Best Wishes, Debbie

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>Dear Cheryl,
>I read your update and I have some questions I had surgery 3weeks ago
>because of a constant pain on my lower left I have also had severe back
>pain which I have been blaming on previous car accidents. When I had
>surgery 3weeks ago it felt much better at first for the first time pain
>on my lower left .Gradually the pain in my abdomen and back continued
>to get worse.

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