Re: Kidney pain and endometriosis

From: Cheryl Coffee (
Wed Feb 2 19:48:53 2005

I wanted everyone to read this and if you have any of the symtoms below you may have what I had (Doctor told me that I was famous, because this has never been diagnosed) Re: This may not be your diagnosis though:

List of my Symptoms: Lower severe Back pain Bleeding Kidney Overian Cyst Frequent Urination swelling of legs

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The Facts about Endometriosis:

My Name is Cheryl Coffee. I have been diagnosed of having Kidney Endometriosis. My doctor told me yesterday that this is the first time he had ever heard of this. I am suppose to go down in health books as being the first person to have this diagnosed. ( My Doctor tells me he will send me the book when published...Im famous)

Anyway it started in October 2004. I was having severe lower back pain.(Felt like a Kidney stone, but wasn't). I went to the Emergency room. I was in the Hospital 1 week, leaving the hospital not given a diagnosis. My Kidneys were bleeding and they found a 9 cm Cyst on my left Overy. They did a biopsy. Came back Negative of Cancer. I went to this same Doctor from this Hospital 2 more times. I was getting frustrated and I was still in PAIN.

I had Ct Scans and Ultra Sounds. Then this Doctor called me on New Years Eve, and ruined it. The Doctor told me that I had 50/50 chance of Cancer. I didn't stop here. I got a 2nd Opinion.

I went 2 hours away to another Urologist (For my Kidney) and a GYN Oncologist (For my Cyst).

They immediately told me I needed Surgery soon to take care of this. The next week I was in the hospital having Surgery. I had actually 2 Surgeries. one on my Cyst and the other on my Kidney. They had two incisions- 1 (at where I already had my C-section and the other on my side). They both used staples to close up the incisions. I was at the hospital for 4 days and I went home.

That was last Friday and this is Wednesday and I feel so much better.

I went to the Doctors yesterday to get my staples taken out and he gave me the good news...NO CANCER. But it was a histological diagnosis that has never been heard of. The Diagnosis: ENDOMETRIOSIS OF THE KIDNEY. actually I had it both in Kidney and Overy.

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