can ANYONE please help me??? PLEEEASE read REALLY IMPORTANT

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Fri Feb 4 18:15:05 2005

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Hi AnnMarie my name is Linda I have had 8 surgeries for abdominal adhesions and just went last month to the surgeon again so I know about the PAIN. My surgeon told me there was no way he would do another surgery until I have a bowel obstruction. I guess my question to you even though you are so young has a complete hystorectomy ever been considered?

I had to have one when I just turned 31. Also has your gyno ever told you the more surgeries they do the more adhesions you get? Each surgery causes more scar tissue that"s why my surgeon won't perform another surgery at this time. Have you considered seeing another doctor? Believe me I know the pain medication doesn't work I have been on vicodin for 2 years now. I am allergic to morphine so any of that is out of the question.

Maybe a consult with another doctor might get you some better results. But then if you are anything like me I am sick of doctors. I don't know if this note has helped just talking to someone that is going thru it helps a little sometime. God Bless you dear and I wish you good luck.

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