Re: In pain and want to tell you about my experience at emergency last night!

Thu Jul 25 09:57:36 2002

Hi Brenda, I am so sorry for your treatment in the E.R. or should I say lack of treatment. .This is the same treatment I Have recieved here in the USA. . It is just the most upsetting and exhausting experience. We are absoutely desperate for relief from the pain and disease and they are so removed from it all . It is so sureal . No wonder we get so depressed between having horrible and unrelenting pain and doctors who want no part of our problems, money problems due to not being well enough to work ,children who don't understand why mommy is always sick, , and generally having no life . We need to be taken seriously and helped so we can have some quality to our lives again. What happened to you is such a chronic occurance in all E.R.. . rooms! It is crazy. Just know you are not alone!!! Hang in there and we will all pray for you!___BEV

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