Re: In pain and want to tell you about my experience at emergency last night!

Thu Jul 25 10:01:23 2002

Sweety, It's not just the Docters in Canada, I live in Good Ol' Texas & its all the same here, They think you are just going to the E>R because they judge you, like you are wanting Drugs, Drugs, Please find you a Good OBGYN, who believes in /Adhesions thats been my best luck, & Ive had him for 20 years, If he dies dont know what I'll do, I just recentally moved to Houston, suppose to be some Great Dr.s here, well I've yet to find them they treat me like I have AIDS &they are scared to touch me when they hear I have Adhesions, so I drive 2 hours to my Dr. in my old home town , hes an excellent Docter, whos skilled in Adhesions....................................... God Bless you I know how you feel. Love & hugs....Angie

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