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From: Karla (
Wed Jul 24 11:45:39 2002

Jenny and Tami,

When I first developed my bladder problems and way before my bladder was removed, my initial problem was being unable to urinate at all. I went for over 36 hours without peeing before they would catherize myself. Jenny, if your doctors are catherizing you after not going to the bathroom for only four hours then something is wrong. A lot of people can and will go all day long without urinating....I used to go to school at 7:30am and not go until after dinner at night without any for them to take such action after so short a period of time seems awful drastic to me.

Tami, I would like to know what procedures they are doing to you too. Please be very careful in what you allow them to do to your bladder. They can and will put you through some very painful tests that you don't really need. Adhesions can and do affect the bladder. They will wrap themselves around the entire bladder putting an intense pressure on. It is very painful, but all of the testing and other things these doctors want to do make things worse. If you are having bladder problems chances are that adhesions are wrapped around your bladder. Nothing any urologist does is going to make it any better....short of a "good" adhesiolysis.

Jenny, I wanted to say Welcome Back! I haven't seen or heard from you in ages. Hope things are at least manageable for you.

God's warmest blessings,


Somewhere up in the stars................. My angel and me!

>----- Original Message ----- From: "Jenny" <> To: "Multiple recipients of list ADHESIONS" <> Sent: Wednesday, July 24, 2002 7:56 AM Subject: Problems Urinating-To Tami

> Dear Tami, > > Gosh girl! I can't believe you went 18 hours without urinating! If you > had been in the hospital, they would of catheterized you after about 4 > hours. That really worries me. What exactly are the treatments that > they are doing for you, if you don't mind me asking. I am on alot of > pain medications too although I had trouble with the flow of urine > stopping before I was taking so many. My adhesiolysis surgeries have > lasted me about 6 months before I am in tons of pain again. I am now > taking Oxycontin and also Neurontin 400mg three times a day. I haven't > noticed the Neurontin making me crazy in the head like what you are > saying. That is a drug usually given to people with epilepsy for > seizures, but also used for nerve damage problems. I have gained alot > of weight since I started taking it. It might be the Methodone, but you > never know. Drugs can affect each person differently. Have you had any > weight gain with the Neurontin? I also take a muscle relaxer because I > clench my jaws so much from the pain that I get sick muscle tension > headaches and keep knots in my back and shoulders. Many times they lead > to muscle spasms. Then I also take Sonata which is something that is > supposed to help me sleep. It sometimes makes me forgetful though. I > had read that on the printout from the pharmacy, and it sure is true. I > have done the same thing with saying crazy things. In fact my kids told > me that one night when we were sitting up late at night I turned to my > son and daughter and said "I'm gonna kiss you between them big ole brown > eyes." That may not sound so funny to you but they said I sounded really > hick when I said it. Plus I was eating banana chips and was saying that > I wish there was enough for everyone to go around. My daughter said > there was some on my lips and I told her that I was saving them for her. > They were tickling my nose with fringe from a blankey and hitting me > with a pillow. I don't remember a thing. I surely felt like a fool > when they were telling me what I said and did. But there is nothing I > could do about it. I hate not being in control of myself. But we will > get through this too. I sure wish you were here so we could be more of > a support to each other. Well I haven't slept at all....again, so I am > going to try and lay down. I will talk to you soon. > > Love and Hugs! > Jenny > > At Tue, 23 Jul 2002, Tami wrote: > > > >Dear Jenny, > >I went for 18 hours before I was able to urinate. I called my > >Urologists office and spoke with the nurse, who talked to the Dr. and > >called me back. She said He said this was normal after the cystoscopy. > >And that it will get better after each treatment. I go for 5 more > >weeks. She said if I go over 24 hours and have the urge that I need to > >go then to call him 24 hrs a day. But I will try all the things you > >suggested. I think its probably all the pain meds I am on also are > >contributing. These meds are making me crazy. I am hallucinating, and > >saying some really weird stuff, and as soon as I say it I realize that > >was stupid to say...I've cried alot because I think I am losing my mind. > >Sounds like you have been thru hell also. I live in Las Vegas, Nevada > >now. I lived in Port Lavaca Texas for about 7 years and went to Houston > >for treatment a long time ago. Sorry, wish I knew a doctor there to > >help you. I also start and stop when I am urinating and really have to > >push hard. It's like when a man has a prostate infection. This has > >been the roughest week for me, and I can't hardly stay on the computer > >very long. I can say that the Methadone has helped me somewhat with the > >pain, but when I started taking the Neurontin (My DR doubled dosed it) > >with it I get crazy in the head. > >Any way thanks for listening and hang in there, we'll get thru this > >somehow. > >Love, > >Tami >

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