Problems Urinating-To Tami

From: Jenny (
Wed Jul 24 07:55:49 2002

Dear Tami,

Gosh girl! I can't believe you went 18 hours without urinating! If you had been in the hospital, they would of catheterized you after about 4 hours. That really worries me. What exactly are the treatments that they are doing for you, if you don't mind me asking. I am on alot of pain medications too although I had trouble with the flow of urine stopping before I was taking so many. My adhesiolysis surgeries have lasted me about 6 months before I am in tons of pain again. I am now taking Oxycontin and also Neurontin 400mg three times a day. I haven't noticed the Neurontin making me crazy in the head like what you are saying. That is a drug usually given to people with epilepsy for seizures, but also used for nerve damage problems. I have gained alot of weight since I started taking it. It might be the Methodone, but you never know. Drugs can affect each person differently. Have you had any weight gain with the Neurontin? I also take a muscle relaxer because I clench my jaws so much from the pain that I get sick muscle tension headaches and keep knots in my back and shoulders. Many times they lead to muscle spasms. Then I also take Sonata which is something that is supposed to help me sleep. It sometimes makes me forgetful though. I had read that on the printout from the pharmacy, and it sure is true. I have done the same thing with saying crazy things. In fact my kids told me that one night when we were sitting up late at night I turned to my son and daughter and said "I'm gonna kiss you between them big ole brown eyes." That may not sound so funny to you but they said I sounded really hick when I said it. Plus I was eating banana chips and was saying that I wish there was enough for everyone to go around. My daughter said there was some on my lips and I told her that I was saving them for her. They were tickling my nose with fringe from a blankey and hitting me with a pillow. I don't remember a thing. I surely felt like a fool when they were telling me what I said and did. But there is nothing I could do about it. I hate not being in control of myself. But we will get through this too. I sure wish you were here so we could be more of a support to each other. Well I haven't slept at all....again, so I am going to try and lay down. I will talk to you soon.

Love and Hugs! Jenny

At Tue, 23 Jul 2002, Tami wrote: >
>Dear Jenny,
>I went for 18 hours before I was able to urinate. I called my
>Urologists office and spoke with the nurse, who talked to the Dr. and
>called me back. She said He said this was normal after the cystoscopy.
>And that it will get better after each treatment. I go for 5 more
>weeks. She said if I go over 24 hours and have the urge that I need to
>go then to call him 24 hrs a day. But I will try all the things you
>suggested. I think its probably all the pain meds I am on also are
>contributing. These meds are making me crazy. I am hallucinating, and
>saying some really weird stuff, and as soon as I say it I realize that
>was stupid to say...I've cried alot because I think I am losing my mind.
>Sounds like you have been thru hell also. I live in Las Vegas, Nevada
>now. I lived in Port Lavaca Texas for about 7 years and went to Houston
>for treatment a long time ago. Sorry, wish I knew a doctor there to
>help you. I also start and stop when I am urinating and really have to
>push hard. It's like when a man has a prostate infection. This has
>been the roughest week for me, and I can't hardly stay on the computer
>very long. I can say that the Methadone has helped me somewhat with the
>pain, but when I started taking the Neurontin (My DR doubled dosed it)
>with it I get crazy in the head.
>Any way thanks for listening and hang in there, we'll get thru this

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