Re: Scared Sad and Very Concerned.

From: Millie (
Wed Jul 24 12:45:47 2002

Dear TISH, I am praying your Mom will be o.k. And I hope you will soon feel much better. Millie.

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> Hi Everyone,
> I hope and pray that this finds you all at least comfy today..
> Myself i havent had very many good days lately..the pain has just been
> horrendous...Im on the duragesic patches with lorcet for
> Neurontin and Wellbutrin...and i have terrible pain
> right below my belly button
> thats kind of new..and very very hard to the leg pain and
> groin pain and the weakness in my left leg..i dont see my Dr til Aug
> 13th and thats just the pain Dr..i know he will want to try the nerve
> blocks since the pain is worse..and i am about to the point that i will
> do whatever i have to do to get some relief.
> But right now my concern is more with my make a long story
> short..she is a 8 year Breast Cancer survivor..and about a week and a
> half ago she was eating an apple and choked on after i got to
> her..we went to the ER and they in turn sent her to an Ear Nose and
> Throat Dr..he looked down her throat (She is very hoarse now after the
> choking incident) So he said that half of her vocal chords are
> completely paralyzed, and he said there are only two reasons your vocal
> chords will become paralyzed one from a stroke..and two from a tumor
> pushing against the chords he is very concerned that her
> cancer has returned and metastasized to her throat..or lungs...and so
> tomorrow we will be having a CT scan and he will tell us which one of
> these two options has caused the paralysis..So i am asking you all to
> please remember us in your prayers..
> I still remember everyone in mine as well..i have just been in such awfu
> pain..that i havent been able to get on the computer and write to you
> all very often.
> Thank You all for always being there for me..
> God Bless Us all ..
> And send us all some pain free days.....PLEASE>
> Always
> Hugs and Love

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