To All

From: Robin (
Tue Jul 23 21:26:37 2002

I just wanted to tell you how grateful and humbled ny all the support I see going on here. So many of us are in dibilitating pain and still hold our heads up highto conquer the proverbial mountain. It has made me stronger just talking and laughing and praying together. The Lord must of had His hand in guiding me to this spot and I just needed to let you all know (as strong as I am,) I was close to suicide. I begged my husband to help me, but in all his infinate wisdom and love of God, he would talk me down. When I think of just 10 months ago how he survived a major coronary by his faith and the skilled hands of his doctors, I can see hope. I love each and everyone of you and I will pray for you all. Robin L

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