Spent last night at urgent care facility again...

From: Sherry (queennwv@aol.com)
Sun Jul 21 22:04:10 2002

First let me say thank you to all who have responded to my posts. I get more from your experiences than any doctor so far can tell me. My fever was up to 100, which isn't very high, but I thought maybe I should get my urine checked. (I was actually praying for a kidney stone) They ran another round of bloodwork, x-rays and urinalysis.(my blood pressure has been up also) The only thing that showed was a small amount of blood in urine. The doctor said to see my primary care physician asap, which I have an appt. with Fri. She said I was in a viscious cycle with the adhesions and mentioned pain management. They gave me an injection of demerol. I just don't get the leg pain and tingling. I'm scared I have taken too much medication over the years and it's damaged my liver, or could I have adhesions on my liver? I do not drink alcohol because of the medication. Does anyone else ever worry about this? How do they check liver enzymes? I will definately mention all this when I go to my doctor on Fri. With love to all, Sherry

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