Robin M. - Having a hard time

Tue Jul 23 10:06:51 2002

Oh Sweet Robin I'm so sorry that you are sleep deprived! I know how the pain will wake you up and even though you are so exhausted the pain is there to keep you up. Even the sleeping pills don't work for you?! I'm wondering if a different type of sleeping pill will work better than the one that is prescribed to you? Don't you worry about venting my sweets, this is certainly the place to do so you silly. Never say you're sorry.............. ") As for family - I've learned over the past years of pain to ignore them. Easy to say of course, hard to do especially if it's you Mom. What I did for my family is gathered all the reading material I could on adhesions. I even went as far as when I sent emails to them, I added a few paragraphs on adhesions and chronic pain. It worked for some family members, but others it feel on blind eyes and ears. Like those monkeys, hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil. It should be said - here no devil pain of yours, see no devil pain of your and I'm not going to speak about the so-called devil pain of yours. Yep, sounds like most of my family members sadly. I've found my family here. I've met some wonderful people here that I keep in touch with daily and they make me feel so good. This is where I get my support. ") I pray all is well for you Robin, Love and lots of hugs, ~Chrissie xo's

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