Re: More tests came back negative

Mon Jul 22 07:58:15 2002

Dear Jen, Hi, my name is Angie & I've had 14 surgeries due to Adhesions my last surgery being on july 12th & they have to open me up because the Adhesions I have are soo bad & thick you take a chance on puncuring the bowels, & making mistakes,& this last time I went through the very same thing you are going through, matter of fact I told my Docter,"When you get in there look at my kidney rel good cause it kills me"!!! He said there were Tons of Adhesions around & on my kidney, so yes Adhesions can cause it.....I too had the blood in all my urine test with no infection, things that make us go ,'hummm"!!! so I just wanted you to know your not looney, because I had the same thing happening to me & believe me they did EVERY test possible on my kidneys & bladder & ureters, it was ALL stupid Adhesions, I'm 37 years old & at times feel 100, I just wanted you to know I feel everything your going through, just keep talking to the good lord up above & he will lead you to a good Docter, I'm praying for you girl,......... Hugs & Kisses, & lots a love...................Angie

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