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From: Robin (
Tue Jul 9 17:51:08 2002

Dear Nancy I have suffered from depression since preteen years. I am 41 now, so I have had it most of my life. I am bi-polar with mostly depression. I am currently on Paxil & Buspar. I have been taking them for about 4 years now. The Buspar really helped me with panic/anxiety attacks. I was having up to 30 a day before getting on the Buspar. Since the DR increased it, I am on 10mg 3 x day. About 3 months ago I had my Paxil increased. I am now on 40mg a day. At one time, we did have 2 phone lines, but with all the medical bills, that was one of the things we got rid of. I have not been able to do much for the last 4 years. Most days I just lay in bed. I usually get a couple of loads of laundry done in a week, & about once a month, I try to cook. I try to do most of the shopping with help. Mainly my dear sweet hubby, Dan does it all. When ever I do anything at all, the pain is worse later or the next day. A couple of years ago, I could not even get my own coffee! The pot was just too heavy for me to lift. I have always done well after surgeries. After my first trip to Germany, I was totally pain free & off pain meds for 4 months & the pain gradually increased until 8months the pain was totally back. My last surgery (8-15-2001) was open abdominal with seprafilm & I only had about 1 month pain free & by 3 months, the pain was totally back. After my hernia surgery, the surgical pain was more than the adhesion pain for about 2 weeks, it was kinda nice not to feel the adhesion pain. Thanks for your concern. love robin

At Tue, 09 Jul 2002, Nancy E. Hale wrote: >
>Dear Robin:
>I'm glad your hernia surgery went well, but I'm sorry you are having more
>pain. Considering the problems you are having, the pain and the isolation
>you are feeling because of the vehicle problems, is there any chance that
>the sleeping problems could be from depression? I know when I start
>worrying about the bills and what I can't do any more, I get really
>depressed and don't sleep well. Are you on anything for depression?
>I know what it's like to feel alone. I went from driving taxi for 12 to 18
>hours a day to not even driving our own vehicle. I was out every day
>meeting people, talking to people, feeling like I was being useful. Now I
>can't even manage to do my own housework some days. Cats are wonderful
>companions, and there are times when you feel like they understand every
>word you say, aren't there? I have two of my own - Baby is 13 and Priss is
>6. Baby is my sooky, always wanting to lay on Mama, Priss is my
>talker. When I am on the computer, she sits on the arm of my chair to see
>what I am doing. They take turns sleeping next to me at night. But they
>can't speak to tell me I'm OK, I'm going to survive this.
>Buspar is an anti-anxiety drug, so it may take some time to build up to an
>effective level in your system. I agree with your assessment of Neurontin,
>it can cause a lot of side-effects, not all of them beneficial. And it
>doesn't work the same for everyone. A friend of mine is on that for
>manic-depression, and it took a long while to get the doses to an effective
>And I know what you mean about kids tying up the computers and the
>phone. My 21-year-old daughter just moved out a couple of weeks ago, and
>it is so nice to have my computer and my phone to myself again. Any chance
>of either setting a schedule for computer and phone time? Or would it be
>possible to put in a second phone line or even pick up a cheap second
>computer? I know it seems like an expensive solution, but it would give
>you access to the support that you need when you need it.
>Hang in there kiddo. You are in my thoughts and prayers.
>Gentle hugs,
>Nancy in NB

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