Dear Sweet Robin M. :-)

From: Browkenwing (
Tue Jul 9 17:19:01 2002

I am soooo glad to see you posting again all though I hate to hear you are still in so much pain :-( You sure are going through alot! Big hugs coming your way right now!!! Please no matter how lonely you feel just try and remember we are with you in your heart!Please give all your kitty cats big hugs and kisses from me cause I had to give my Mr.Kitty away a couple months ago :-( because my husband and son was really sick from alleries after I brought him home in october last year, we were not sure if it was Mr.Kitty or not but since he has been gone and with major cleaning neither one of them are sick anymore :-)But I miss him terribly cause he slept with me and I was the only one that could call for him and he would only come to me! He would sit with me on my really bad days and not leave my side like he was taking care of me :-) The funny thing was I brought him home for my husband when he broke his leg last year and it was me that feel in love with him and he became mommy's baby! I also think it is wonderful that your daughter holds your hand cherish every moment of it cause I would give anything to hold my mothers hand she past away 10 years ago :-( I guess it is the little things in life we should be thankful for huh! I try and see the little things like that with my boys but some days with all the pain and suffering I can't see it! but that is why we all come here so we can talk to eachother and not feel so alone! Please hang in there!You and yourfamily are in my prayers and I will be praying that you can get some sleepZzzzzzzzzzzzz's soon cause that will help deal with things alittle better! I love Ya!!

                 A Prayer For Relief
Send down your angel who in his mercy gives comfort and
relief to those who suffer. Let the sick and infirm be
healed. Lighten and relieve their pain. Let them have
respite from suffering that they may see your light.
Let healing come swiftly with the dawn.Blessed are you,
O Lord, who uphold the sick on their bed of Sorrow! May
their days once more be good and their years be Happy!
Blessed are you, who uphold, save, and restore the sick.
                   From Praying in the Jewish Tradition

God Bless My Adhesion Family _ (\@/) / \ /___\ ~Browkenwing~

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