obstructed bowel

From: anonymous (anonymous@medispecialty.com)
Fri Jul 5 13:26:49 2002

In 1989 I had my appendix and gall bladder removed. In 1995 I had a tubal ligation and the gynecologist found adhesions. In 1997 I had laproscopic surgery due to endometriosis and in 1999 ended up having a hysterectomy due to chronic pain from endometriosis and adhesions. My gynecologist was amazed at how bad my adhesions were. I am now having constipation problems. I went to a general surgeon and he ordered a colonoscopy, which was negative. I have altered my diet, fiber/fruit/veggie intake, exercise, drinking plenty of fluids, etc. but get no relief. I have been looking at the photos on this site. I am wondering what the symptoms of bowel obstruction are, and how would one know it is to the point of perforation or serious complications?

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