From: Bobbi Yates (Sugarbear110263@aol.com)
Fri Jul 5 13:11:36 2002

I hope this finds everyone hanging in..I am still having so many problems since my last hospital stay. I don't know what to do anymore. I went into the hospital on April 29th they removed the adhesions and part of my small intestine because I had a partial bowel obstruction I was in Intensive care for 5 days and then 17 days later they had to do surgery again and I was in intensive care this time for 7 days. All together I was in the hospital for 38 dyas and they took out 43 inches of my small intestine and an 8 inch piece of my colon. I have lost 43 pounds all together. I am no better now than I was when I went in the hospital. They had me on 3 kinds of antibotics while I was in the hospital and I have been on them since I came home. I have infection in the intestine and also in the small bowel. The Doc said when he did my second surgery there were more adhesions than when he operated 17 days earlier. Does anyone have any thoughts,ideas or suggestions for me. I need something. Love and Hugs To All, Bobbi

Bobbi Yates

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