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From: Annie Hawksley (
Sat Jul 13 00:31:16 2002

Have just read your note re symptoms for bowel obstructions. You will know whether you have a complete obstruction or partial. Complete obstruction is extremly painful typical of severe colic, an extended abdomen (sometimes you may think you are 10 months pregnant) nausea, vomiting and a severe taste of bowel in your month.Partial is slightly different in that the symptoms are not as severe, & with practise you can treat yourself at home by lying off solids for at least 24-36 hours, & be very careful in taking fluids for the first 4-6 hours. If vomiting persists & becomes dark you have to go hospital because you find that you need stronger pain management, IV Fluids & possibibly a NGT. These bowel obstructions are a terrible thing to suffer as you can be OK one minute and within half an hour you can be riddled with pain - the onset can be rapid. Diet wise I have found that high fibre Etc. does more harm than good. Steamed vegies, little red meat(if any at all), grilled fish, pasta,& chicken is what I eat & the bowel obs I suffered are countless. If you are prone to bowel obstructions give your bowel a chance & don't overwork it with the "good diet". Hope this is helpful. Get back to me as I've suffered from this since I was 14yrs (now 52) Bye for now Annie At Fri, 5 Jul 2002, anonymous wrote: >
>In 1989 I had my appendix and gall bladder removed. In 1995 I had a
>tubal ligation and the gynecologist found adhesions. In 1997 I had
>laproscopic surgery due to endometriosis and in 1999 ended up having a
>hysterectomy due to chronic pain from endometriosis and adhesions. My
>gynecologist was amazed at how bad my adhesions were. I am now having
>constipation problems. I went to a general surgeon and he ordered a
>colonoscopy, which was negative. I have altered my diet,
>fiber/fruit/veggie intake, exercise, drinking plenty of fluids, etc. but
>get no relief. I have been looking at the photos on this site. I am
>wondering what the symptoms of bowel obstruction are, and how would one
>know it is to the point of perforation or serious complications?

Annie H

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