Re: Adhesions after surgery

From: Tina (
Fri Jul 5 19:52:35 2002

I do not have the answers to your questions but I have an aunt that is experiencing similar things. She has searched for answers and most doctors reply by giving her more medications. If you find any answers or other alternatives, please email me! Thank you and good luck!

At Thu, 29 Apr 1999, Aileen Hamilton wrote: >
>My mum has had adhesions for 5 years after major surgery to remove a
>cancerous tumour from her appendix. She has been in a lot of pain and
>has attacks where she is very sick. 3 weeks ago she had an attack which
>got worse and worse and did not clear itself. Eventually she got
>admitted to hospital and had to have an operation to clear an adhesion
>which had wrapped itself round her large bowel and was causing an
>obstruction. She also had an abcess under the adhesion. After surgery,
>we hoped that all her problems would be over. However, in the last 10
>days, she has had 2 adhesion attacks and has been admitted to hospital
>each time. We are now wondering if it will continue like this and that
>attacks will now be more frequent. Does anyone have information on how
>diet (or anything) will help to reduce these attacks or if the latest
>surgery will have worsened things (even though the surgeon used a
>barrier gel). We are getting desperate.

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