Re: Adhesion Pain

Fri Jul 5 11:38:42 2002

Welcome Lori, Myheart goes out toyou.Your family andchildren also. I also have the same problem but I have found a wealth of info here and brought it back to my doc and said no it's not in my head it's in my belly and I searched down a doc that can be realistic and tell me what I say and feel are true. At this site there are much info to help you deal with your pain and anxieties.Please take the time look up the adhesion info by Dr Wiseman and the QUilt and if you have further questions there are many of us here from different areas in the world and Joanne and all of us chat at certain times and even our kids get to chat and share. Tonight is kids night at bombobeach go to chat and we will be there about 9pm Eastern and 8 central time till 10p the kids I mean but i am in the house when my daughter is on. And you can also email me personally at and Iwill be glad to assist you. Love and Painfree Hugs Lillian

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