Re: Robin- Duragesic Patch question

From: Sally Grigg (
Mon Jan 28 19:06:10 2002

Jean, That's so strange, I was told to keep it below the waist. What gives? Love always, Sally

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> Robin,
> Thanks for the information. I was told to keep it above the waist.
> So far I have put it on my back and the right side of chest
> (kinda afraid of left chest since your heart is there and mine already
skips > beats and has abnormal EKG's).
> Next time I will try my arm.
> I am sick but waiting and hoping it will pass with time.
> Gonna give it at least 2 weeks try, hoping my body will give in before I
> give up. Don't have much left to try so giving it my best shot.
> At least the nausea got good enough for me to answer some posts, but now
it > is getting worse so I better do the suppository thing again and get to
bed! >
> "SMILE............It confuses people!"
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> Dear Jean
> the Duragesic patch never made me sick. It does take a while for it to
> build up in your system. Don't put it on your hip, it will take longer
> to work there. I found that my arm was the best place. It worked
> really well for me. I hope it will help you & not make you sick.
> love
> robin
> At Wed, 23 Jan 2002, Jean Long wrote:
> >
> >I have a question for those of you who have been on the Duragesic Patch
> and
> >got sick from it.
> >The doctor told me it would take about 12 hours before I feel the
affects. > >Did you get sick as soon as you took it or 12 hours later when it kicked
> in.
> >I am trying to figure out the best time for me to take it so that if I
get > >sick I am able to be sick and lay down with no problem if I need to.
> >
> >I was told to take it now so it kicks in when I wake up in the morning.
> >However, if I don't get sick until it kicks it that would mean my new
puppy > >would be demanding her morning feeding & potty time and my business would
> be
> >open when I get sick. I wouldn't do too well throwing up at that time!
> >I am here alone all day so it would be better to get sick at night.
> >All I would need is a customer to walk in or call or puppy to do her job
on > >the floor while I am puking!
> >Business is very bad due to my problems but the door still opens so
> >customers can call & come in.
> >
> >This is a trial run since all oral meds make me very sick, don't have
allot > >of options left.
> >
> >
> >"SMILE............It confuses people!"

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