Robin- Duragesic Patch question

From: Jean Long (
Mon Jan 28 00:31:51 2002

Robin, Thanks for the information. I was told to keep it above the waist. So far I have put it on my back and the right side of chest (kinda afraid of left chest since your heart is there and mine already skips beats and has abnormal EKG's). Next time I will try my arm.

I am sick but waiting and hoping it will pass with time. Gonna give it at least 2 weeks try, hoping my body will give in before I give up. Don't have much left to try so giving it my best shot. At least the nausea got good enough for me to answer some posts, but now it is getting worse so I better do the suppository thing again and get to bed!


"SMILE............It confuses people!"

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Dear Jean the Duragesic patch never made me sick. It does take a while for it to build up in your system. Don't put it on your hip, it will take longer to work there. I found that my arm was the best place. It worked really well for me. I hope it will help you & not make you sick. love robin

At Wed, 23 Jan 2002, Jean Long wrote: >
>I have a question for those of you who have been on the Duragesic Patch
and >got sick from it.
>The doctor told me it would take about 12 hours before I feel the affects.
>Did you get sick as soon as you took it or 12 hours later when it kicked
in. >I am trying to figure out the best time for me to take it so that if I get
>sick I am able to be sick and lay down with no problem if I need to.
>I was told to take it now so it kicks in when I wake up in the morning.
>However, if I don't get sick until it kicks it that would mean my new puppy
>would be demanding her morning feeding & potty time and my business would
be >open when I get sick. I wouldn't do too well throwing up at that time!
>I am here alone all day so it would be better to get sick at night.
>All I would need is a customer to walk in or call or puppy to do her job on
>the floor while I am puking!
>Business is very bad due to my problems but the door still opens so
>customers can call & come in.
>This is a trial run since all oral meds make me very sick, don't have allot
>of options left.
>"SMILE............It confuses people!"

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