Re: Cycle pain, post-surgery

Mon Jan 21 13:10:55 2002

you have classic symptoms of endometriosis. I previously had endometriosis, and adhesions similar to yours, I dont want to scare you, but if your Dr. decides he wants to do a more invasive surgery, I plead with you to get a second opinion. I am 31 years old and decided to have children, so my doc wanted to do 2nd laparoscopy just to look at the severity of the endo. When I went in for follow up visit, the Doc told me that I had Ovarian Cancer and that I MUST undergo total hysterectomy, and chemotherapy. When I asked about 2nd opinion, I was told that I didnt have time for that. When I asked about harvesting eggs, I again was told that I didnt have time. Needless to say, I had total hysterectomy within 4 days. 2 weeks after surgery, I found out that I never had Ovarian Cancer.(yes, i have filed suit) so before anything else, get yourself and your slides to another Doctor. Not only did I lose the ability to have kids, I am suffering from menopause at age 31, and surgical adhesions. Caroline

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