Cycle pain, post-surgery

From: Libby (
Mon Jan 21 11:54:47 2002

Hello all - I've posted a couple times before, I have another question...

Briefly, I'm 36, 3 mos. post-op (10/12/01),lysis of adhesions (left ovary to sigmoid colon and pelvic sidewall, rt ovary to appendix, cecum, pelvic sidewall) and uterine suspension. Also, doc said no endo.

I'm on my 5th cycle since surgery, they're totally different now. Pre-surgery they were 3-4 days long with pain the 1st day (OTC meds or Vioxx helped). Now it's increased to 9-10 days (includes spotting about 2 days before and after) with increased pain and clots. Pain relief and a heating pad for the 1st 2 days of real bleeding are a must. Plus, I've had spotting after intercourse ever since the surgery.

Doc did ultrasound, small functional cysts both sides but nothing else, now I'm told "wait and see".

My question, can the ovary involvement cause this much havoc? I've been advised before to allow at least 3 cycles to get back to normal, but things just aren't getting better. Anybody experience anything similar? Am I not allowing enough time for healing? I was really hoping I'd feel better by now, the side pain is much relieved but the right ovary pain has never stopped. Any advice/similar experiences shared would be appreciated.

Thanks, Libby :O)

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