Jo and all......xo's

Mon Jan 21 14:52:40 2002

Thank you Jo for letting me give you my story. I'm going to send it to your other email so that it doesn't get all tangled here and hard for you to get.

If you need any help with anything please let me know. As for Oprah and 60 minutes.....I've always continued to send them emails ever since we started "Stars Awareness" type thing. Remember that? I think it's been almost a year since I've started emailing all and any famous people to help us with ARD awareness. ") I would do anything to help out Karla and anyone else that needs my help, anytime, anytime ") We soon will win this battle, we soon will have awareness, we soon will have the cure of all cures. But until then, we have to stay positive and not give up. If one feels like giving up, here is my hand to hold, and my heart for love. I'll always be here. ") Love to you and everyone, ~Chrissie xo's

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