Re: Cycle pain, post-surgery

From: dtouch (
Mon Jan 21 18:56:32 2002

Dear Libby: In answer to your question, yes an ovary can cause that much havoc. I have a friend who has been in chronic pain for several years. She's only 29 now and after going to many many doctors she finally went to a very intelligent OB Surgeon who did a laproscopic procedure to find out that sometime in the past 7 or 8 years, she had a cyst rupture and leak into the peritoneal cavity and It caused horrendous damage by adhesing to everything in her abdomen. I think this person will probably eventually wind up being a stastitic like so many of the people on the quilt and she's so young. Love Dolores in Louisiana

Libby wrote:

> Hello all - I've posted a couple times before, I have another
> question...
> Briefly, I'm 36, 3 mos. post-op (10/12/01),lysis of adhesions (left
> ovary to sigmoid colon and pelvic sidewall, rt ovary to appendix, cecum,
> pelvic sidewall) and uterine suspension. Also, doc said no endo.
> I'm on my 5th cycle since surgery, they're totally different now.
> Pre-surgery they were 3-4 days long with pain the 1st day (OTC meds or
> Vioxx helped). Now it's increased to 9-10 days (includes spotting about
> 2 days before and after) with increased pain and clots. Pain relief and
> a heating pad for the 1st 2 days of real bleeding are a must. Plus,
> I've had spotting after intercourse ever since the surgery.
> Doc did ultrasound, small functional cysts both sides but nothing else,
> now I'm told "wait and see".
> My question, can the ovary involvement cause this much havoc? I've been
> advised before to allow at least 3 cycles to get back to normal, but
> things just aren't getting better. Anybody experience anything similar?
> Am I not allowing enough time for healing? I was really hoping I'd feel
> better by now, the side pain is much relieved but the right ovary pain
> has never stopped. Any advice/similar experiences shared would be
> appreciated.
> Thanks, Libby :O)

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