Re: What can I eat?

From: Janet K. (
Mon Jan 21 09:14:22 2002

Hi Marea, and welcome.

Diet plays a huge part in the comfort of an ARD person. After 3 years I finally feel I've got a good handle on this and a well balanced diet with ample it anywhere close to what we're used to defining as!

Quinoa is a very nutritious seed that acts like a grain and contains a complete vegetable was so valued by the Incas that it was named "mother grain". I've included a link here with a scrumptuous recipe: Or you can use something simple like soy sauce, I found a wonderful ginger tamari sauce.

Hot grain cereals, museli...the consistency here is important, for me it works best mushy rather than thick.

The sell rice breads now and sprouted breads that are very wholesome and rich in nutrients. Bread and crackers are very safe...again though, best to stay away from thick and doughy to avoid getting the plumbing clogged.

"Luna" Lemonzest and Keylime Pie and "Balance" protien bars are the best tasting. I nibble on a couple of bars throughout the day...eating a whole bar at one sitting is okay, but tends to produce gas with me.

Also safe: Fudgesicles, pudding, peanut or almond butter, honey, dates, rice milk, crackers.

Another key is small amounts of food at one sitting several times a day. Be sure to drink plenty of water.

Things I avoid due to huge digestive stress: fruits, vegetables, beans, meat, and anything "solid"...think mush!

I rely on Smooth Move tea in the evening and a glycerin suppository in the morning in order to keep things moving. Many here discourage the use of senna, but I would be in allot of pain and severely constipated and bloated otherwise. So the best is always to do what you feel is right for you.

Hope this helps. Hugs to you and let us know how your appt. goes on Friday.




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