Re: Kelly...

From: Kelly Murray (
Tue Jan 15 21:24:06 2002

-------Original Message------- From: Date: Wednesday, January 09, 2002 08:55:32 PM To: Multiple recipients of list ADHESIONS Subject: Kelly... I have always felt an awful lot of pulling in my back as well as tenderness of the pelvis. I also felt very full under my ribs and carried a low grade fever. Due to the extensive surgery, I stayed in the hospital for a few days and was medicated for pain. When I was released I couldn't believe that I had no back pain or pulling! I could actually eat and go the the bathroom! This is the best I have felt in 10 years. I won't say that I am adhesion free, mornings are rough. I also have Fibromyalgia and migraine headaches. But my qualitiy of life has definately improved. The doctors told my husband I was a challenge. I had intestinal adhesions involving the abdominal wall, pelvis and interloop adhesions. I also had internal hernias, chronic cholecystitis and complete cul-de-sac obliteration. I pray for all who are suffering, I know your pain and frustration. I learned the hard way that you have to take charge of your health, keep a journal or calender so you can write down your symptoms. Keep a file of everything, ask for copies of all of your medical records and tests, and remember that you are not alone. Sherry

What helps your pain now?  Are you on pain management?
I am on Oxycontin, it helped a while but now I am needing an adjustment.
I still have the fullness under ribs and burning stomache and major bladder
problems.  I really am fed up with this 24/7 stuff but I know I need to come
to terms with it. I just wish I could have a few days free from it.
I had the surgery with Redan in May and I have an appt. in Albuquerque next
week to check my bladder.  I know that it is adhesion related and it hasn't
and probably won't show up on tests what is wrong with the bladder.
So, would you write me back and let me know what works for you for the pain

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