thank you all for all the praying for are uncle Roger Licht.

From: Tammie Habhegger (
Wed Jan 16 05:30:17 2002

morning everyone i want to thank you for all your prayers for are uncle Roger Licht. we had a phone call the other day from my brothers and from my mom. some one had found uncle roger bodie we was all praying to bring him back to us so we can say are good bys my family and aine anne roger wife just had a serves sat at kanosha on are uncle roger i couldnt go cause it was toof iar for me to travel it was over 5 to 6 hours but my boys went with my auntie and uncle to meet my parents and grandparnts their antie nancy but any ways i want you to know its a mirlce that uncle roger was brought to us cause the other 3 bodies was found yet and we need to pray for them they cant figure out how roger bodie could come on about icq it was so think down their so with all your help and prayers its are mircle never give up on mircles everyone cause you know god will always be their to help yous it may take time. and are other mirlce is bev god helped us find her too if it wasnt for bev i wont be where i am today she like an angel to us we all love her dearly, she helps out so much. we will keep praying for yous to get better and that god will find a way to help yous like he has with us , if your really mean what you pray for and god will help you thregh it so plz keep up your faith and never give up hope or never give up mircles. i couldnt sleep this morning if eel its something god wanted me to tell yous. and again i do thank you for all of your prayers i know deep down in side god has roger and when i go in for my big operation god will be watching over me and so will my new angel is uncle roger so i know ill be in good hans im nurves but i kn ow im in good hands. well ill close for now. i just wanted to share with yous about uncle roger so you s know whats been going on. yosu can email me my emails do work now at god bless yous all....... tammie habhegger and family and kids

Tammie Habhegger

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