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From: Chief N Jaynie (
Sun Aug 26 10:04:51 2001

At Fri, 24 Aug 2001, Marianne Bolding wrote: >
>Hi. My name's Marianne...haven't met you yet...but,
>you're story hit a spot with me. I've been having
>problems that I don't think are adhesions or hernia
>related...everything I've been reading points to my
>gallbladder. When I told my doc...he made me lay on
>the table and pushed a little on my stomach (which
>hurt)...and he don't have a gallbladder
>problem. Nice test doc. It seems he always gets me
>at the un-symptomatic points....the bloating, gas and
>belching, the "oh, so famous" fetal position. This
>doctor knows that everytime I felt something wasn't
>right....I was right. Surgery the first time, hernia
>the next. What happened to following through on a
>patient? They never look at the causes anymore...just
>treat the symptom.
>I have pain in the sides...sometimes left...sometimes
>right...sometimes in the middle of the belly button
>area. The liver is on the upper right side and the
>pain usually stays in that area. Kidney and Gall
>bladder issues can cause ab pain in various areas.
>I've vented enough....sorry for the humiliation you're
>enduring. You're not alone, though. Hugs, Marianne
>--- JAYNIE JARVIS <> wrote:
>> Hi all and Tammie, I have either been doing great
>> and riding on the
>> back of our bike or in bed with horrible pain !!!
>> Today is a pain day.
>> I tried to talk to my doctor about it yesterday but
>> something weird was
>> going on with her. I was her 1st patient of the day
>> and I think someone
>> had died at the Hospital where she had just come
>> from. But then again
>> she told me she was having troubles at home. First I
>> insulted her by
>> telling her I had to think of taking me off of the
>> tylenol because of my
>> liver. Out of 6 doctors, I had to think of it ! Then
>> I said " You have
>> to be your own doctor" That pissed her off. I said
>> I have 6 doctors and
>> no one thought about Jaynies liver. I was not
>> pointing the finger at
>> her. Then she went on about how she can not do
>> anything for me. She has
>> done all the tests and surgeries. Then I told her
>> she didn't believe
>> that the pain in my side was a partial blockage.
>> That pissed her off
>> too. Because I was telling her what she believed
>> !!! I really expected
>> to be in exray and maybe on some IV to stop pain and
>> unblock my side.
>> But no here I am taking as many pills as they say I
>> can have, suffering!
>> I could not stop crying all the way home and all
>> day. I have been seeing
>> this doc for 8 years ! I always tell ppl that she
>> is my rock. I think
>> she also said that she has no more to give. She
>> dose not want to write
>> a RX for my methadone !!She is very uncomfortable.
>> She said that 2 of
>> my pain clinic doctors patients have died ! Finally
>> she told me to tell
>> her where to send my file. and I accused her of
>> wanting to get rid of me
>> anyway !! Because I have been dumped by other docs.
>> If you don't get
>> better than they don't want to see ya. Especially
>> the surgeon. This
>> woman use to hug me good bye. Now when I touched her
>> should she
>> practically yelled at me to not touch her. And that
>> she is making
>> boundaries with her patients. That some have become
>> friends or they
>> think they are friends. And if I didn't think I was
>> getting the best
>> care then let her know where to send the records.
>> At the end she told
>> me to make a half hour apt. So I could tell her my
>> ideas. Because she
>> said she had run out of ideas and I told her I had
>> some.By the time I
>> get an apt. it will be over with in my side. I want
>> to make sure it is
>> not just an adhesion. They blame everything on my
>> adhesions. I think
>> it should be checked out !!!
>> Don't you? I have a pain that comes and goes in my
>> rectum. I had it
>> checked out and it was an adhesion on the outside of
>> my bowel. Now when
>> I make love my ass hurts for 2 weeks. Great. But
>> now I know it is not
>> something else. It put my mind at ease, Kinda.
>> Maybe this has nothing to do with my adhesions.
>> Maybe it is a big cysts
>> or tumor !! OR BLOCKAGE !! And if it is, then maybe
>> they could give me
>> something to relax my colon or something ?????
>> I think I will call a "gastro bla bla" guy. You know
>> who I am talking
>> about? Or go get a ultra sound today or tomorrow.
>> Does anyone else
>> have extreme pains in there sides occasionally ? or
>> butts ? Thanks
>> Jaynie I miss the forum. Will try to come on more.
>> love ya Tam !!!
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>Marianne Bolding
>"Nature Belongs to the Eyes That See It"

Thanks Marianne. Nce to meet ya. I have not een around much, hurts to sit here. Another point about my doctor is that she knows I will have trouble finding a doctor to write my pain pills. We are a doctors worst nightmare. Thanks and nice to meet ya dear !!

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