Re: need help re cat scan

From: Marianne Bolding (
Sun Aug 26 03:49:00 2001

Welcome to the adhesions site. I had an ovarian cyst rupture in December of last year. This caused spotting for me as well. An ultra sound would be able to determine if the cyst still exists. I would watch the bleeding and do a follow-up...a doctor told me that when a cyst ruptures it can cause infections internally as the stuff that builds up in the cyst is "garbage"...the body treats it as an is slightly possible that the body will create scar tissue to protect itself from this infection, thus possibly leading to adhesions, too. (How true this is I don't makes sense...but, he could be grasping at straws for me because I'm looking for an answer as to why I got them without having a prior surgery). None the less, spotting should be followed up, especially if it is not normal for you. I wish you the best. --- wrote: > I am new to the quilt. Had a cat scan with contrast
> on Tues 8/21 and now I am
> spotting Fri. 8/24. Is that normal. Not due for my
> peroid for another 10
> days. cat scan was done for most likely adhesions,
> definite ovarian cyst and
> whatever else they find
> thanks
> Lori


Marianne Bolding
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