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Sat Aug 25 14:35:39 2001

Jaynie, By all means... get away from that Dr. Sounds like she has some serious problems, herself. The ob/gyn I went to accused me of being her colicky baby, less than a month after she did my TAH. It's more or like she has tried to brush me away. There's a lot more to what she put me through after the TAH (which was un-needed, but to make her $$$$>) But I don't want to depress you any more. A lot of Drs. need a course called "Compassion 101!!! I get rectal pains that sometimes make me jump right off the chair. I had been told by a G.I. Dr. that the pains are from hemorrhoids and from a fissure. Millie

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Hi all and Tammie, I have either been doing great and riding on the back of our bike or in bed with horrible pain !!! Today is a pain day. I tried to talk to my doctor about it yesterday but something weird was going on with her. I was her 1st patient of the day and I think someone had died at the Hospital where she had just come from. But then again she told me she was having troubles at home. First I insulted her by telling her I had to think of taking me off of the tylenol because of my liver. Out of 6 doctors, I had to think of it ! Then I said " You have to be your own doctor" That pissed her off. I said I have 6 doctors and no one thought about Jaynies liver. I was not pointing the finger at her. Then she went on about how she can not do anything for me. She has done all the tests and surgeries. Then I told her she didn't believe that the pain in my side was a partial blockage. That pissed her off too. Because I was telling her what she believed !!! I really expected to be in exray and maybe on some IV to stop pain and unblock my side. But no here I am taking as many pills as they say I can have, suffering! I could not stop crying all the way home and all day. I have been seeing this doc for 8 years ! I always tell ppl that she is my rock. I think she also said that she has no more to give. She dose not want to write a RX for my methadone !!She is very uncomfortable. She said that 2 of my pain clinic doctors patients have died ! Finally she told me to tell her where to send my file. and I accused her of wanting to get rid of me anyway !! Because I have been dumped by other docs. If you don't get better than they don't want to see ya. Especially the surgeon. This woman use to hug me good bye. Now when I touched her should she practically yelled at me to not touch her. And that she is making boundaries with her patients. That some have become friends or they think they are friends. And if I didn't think I was getting the best care then let her know where to send the records. At the end she told me to make a half hour apt. So I could tell her my ideas. Because she said she had run out of ideas and I told her I had some.By the time I get an apt. it will be over with in my side. I want to make sure it is not just an adhesion. They blame everything on my adhesions. I think it should be checked out !!! Don't you? I have a pain that comes and goes in my rectum. I had it checked out and it was an adhesion on the outside of my bowel. Now when I make love my ass hurts for 2 weeks. Great. But now I know it is not something else. It put my mind at ease, Kinda.

Maybe this has nothing to do with my adhesions. Maybe it is a big cysts or tumor !! OR BLOCKAGE !! And if it is, then maybe they could give me something to relax my colon or something ?????

I think I will call a "gastro bla bla" guy. You know who I am talking about? Or go get a ultra sound today or tomorrow. Does anyone else have extreme pains in there sides occasionally ? or butts ? Thanks Jaynie I miss the forum. Will try to come on more.

love ya Tam !!!

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