Re: Welcome Home Jo, From Sally

From: Wally (
Fri Aug 17 01:44:28 2001

arghhhhhh my Dearest Sally

I wish we could have a real hug instead of our usual cyber ones.......

You are such a special person...and seem to know me so well! LOL To be honest, since this last little episode I have wrapped myself almost in cotton wool! Well actually, it's a little blue blanket that we use to throw over the kids when they are unwell, and camping on the sofa in our family room! :-)

Since coming home from hospital, I have virtually lived in our bedroom. It is pretty cosy in there & cut off from the outside world. You see our home has 5 bedrooms & they are all one after the other down a long hallway. Our bedroom is at the very end & takes up that whole end of the house! I have a TV, the ensuite just a few steps from my side of the bed, my favourite feather pillow & lots of fluffy pillows & quilts. I hear little noise from the rest of the house & feel very self indulgent.

I do have a little work that I must complete before the end of the weekend for a client, and I do have another project for Jessica's school that I need to start (I'm the President of the Parents & Friends Association).....but I keep putting them off! I have been doing my favourite escape trick......reading a very THICK novel!

My dad came to visit me this afternoon. He is in an electric driven wheel chair. I felt very guilty! The cold is not kind to him & he doesn't give into pain very much at all! He has a lot of it too, he has no circulation in one leg, and just 5% in the other. He really should have them amputated to improve his quality of life (it would decrease his pain considerably), but because he has a weak heart, they cannot operate. I guess he is my insperation more than any one else, because he is always looking for ways to keep himself busy.

So really, I haven't been over doing things, I have been avoiding them! The girls have just arrived home from school, and the weekend whirlwind now begins! Emma & Jessica have indoor soccer tonight, and Courtney has Guides....over the weekend Katie & Courtney have practice for the Rock Esteddford. (They are competing in a special competition for creative dancing & singing, they have made it to the grand final in Sydney....yes I am very proud of them! LOL)

So, next week Sally, IF I am well enough I will do my bit at the Cancer Cottage & get my other work done. If Dad can, so can I! I think it sounds like neither of us really experiences a dull moment!

I meant to say how impressed I was to read that you had walked up the mountain to entice your Llama home! LOL I'm sure the view from up there would be spectacular!

It was VERY fortunate that there were no guests in the room where the window broke! I'm glad that there was minimal damage too.

Well Sally, I will answer one or two more letters then I think I will hobble back to bed for half an hour, because then the "taxi serbice" begins for the night!

Take care my friend, love, hugs & cheers,

Jo ;-)

At Thu, 16 Aug 2001, Sally Grigg wrote: >
>Dear Wally Jo, I'm so sorry you have to go through more pain. I do know that
>it does help ourselves to help others, but you sound like you might be
>overdoing it a tinsy-winsy bit. It sounds like you're in denial of agony, is
>what it sounds like. Anyway, the long term sounds good, I've been praying for
>you and I hope the worst is over.
>As you know by now life is never dull around here. When my young God-daughter
>went to show some new arrivals to their room (the Boat), an enormous branch
>had fallen and smashed the plateglass skylight. There was glass everywhere,
>but no structural damage nor was anything else damaged. Just lots of pieces
>of pebble glass. Safety glass when it shatters forms thousands of pieces of
>little glass. We're thankful no one was in it. It would have been quite a
>shock. Love, hugs, and kisses, Sally

Try this!..........

Smile as often as you can at those you love..... and to strangers in the street.

The rewards are many.

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