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From: marianne bolding (ojowojo@yahoo.com)
Fri Aug 17 01:48:14 2001

Looks like this is coming up...wanted to remind everyone...thanks Jean and Bev for letting us know about this documentary. Marianne --- Jean Long <creative@enter.net> wrote: > Date: Thu, 19 Jul 2001 22:06:32 -0500
> Reply-to: adhesions@adhesions.org
> From: "Jean Long" <creative@enter.net>
> To: Multiple recipients of list ADHESIONS
> <adhesions@mail.medispecialty.com>
> Subject: Attn: TO EVERYONE!!!!!
> Beverly Doucette asked me to share this with the
> board:
> 1.
> Sister Pauline Quinn OP (Bev's Associate) in
> "Pathways to Hope" has a feature Lifetime movie made
> about her life.
> It will air Monday evening, August 20th Litetime Tv
> Channel!
> She is a remarkable Dominican Sister who was able to
> turn a very terrible life into one of great ministry
> for others who suffer!
> You can find the " Pathways to Hope " web site at:
> http://www.pathwaystohope.org
> 2.
> Also....Bev thought of a way for us to specify that
> our Quilt Patch has a photo with it so people would
> know without having to open each one first to
> see.....it will show you just by browsing all the
> quilt patches.
> 1. Add it to the area where it asks for your
> organization or occupation.
> (It is a bit touchy getting it to fit just right if
> you have an organization or occupation listed, but
> possible)
> 2. I put (Photo) in front the name of my business.
> If no business is named it fits even better, just
> put (photo) instead of a business.
> I already added it to Karla's, Marian's and Tammy H.
> for them.
> Janet & Chrissie I didn't keep your passwords and
> forgot them so I couldn't add it to yours. Don't
> know if I forgot anyone else I did before, if so let
> me know.
> Quote of the week:
> "Learn from the mistakes of others........
> You can't live long enough to make them all
> yourself"
> http://www.adhesions.org/forums/listcmds.htm

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