Welcome Home Jo, From Sally

From: Sally Grigg (lostcst@mcn.org)
Thu Aug 16 23:23:25 2001

Dear Wally Jo, I'm so sorry you have to go through more pain. I do know that it does help ourselves to help others, but you sound like you might be overdoing it a tinsy-winsy bit. It sounds like you're in denial of agony, is what it sounds like. Anyway, the long term sounds good, I've been praying for you and I hope the worst is over.

As you know by now life is never dull around here. When my young God-daughter went to show some new arrivals to their room (the Boat), an enormous branch had fallen and smashed the plateglass skylight. There was glass everywhere, but no structural damage nor was anything else damaged. Just lots of pieces of pebble glass. Safety glass when it shatters forms thousands of pieces of little glass. We're thankful no one was in it. It would have been quite a shock. Love, hugs, and kisses, Sally

Wally wrote:

> At Thu, 16 Aug 2001, Janet Karam wrote:
> >
> >Dearest Jo,
> >
> >I am so happy to see you posting more and that you are so
> >upbeat and positive...I have missed you!
> >
> >Janet
> Hi Janet!
> Yes I am back....it is heading towards the end of winter here in Oz. We
> have only had one fall of snow, so really it has been a fairly mild one
> so far, although the last few days we have had winds, causing damage to
> homes and farm sheds etc (I live in a rural city.....the closest farm is
> probably about 10 to 15 minutes drive from the centre of town, poulation
> just 30 000 souls). We live in town, but can see plenty of country side
> from any window at the front of the house.
> I have been suffering a bit since I came home from hospital, the Gyno &
> I aren't sure yet if this pain is residual from the cyst, or if
> something else is happening. I should have an idea by next week, he
> said it would take about a week for there to be any real change after
> draining the cyst.
> I have always been called an optimist Janet :-), I guess I was born that
> way.....it has been hard to keep it up this week. I have cried myself
> to sleep a few times in the last little while. This pain is worse than
> what I had before this cyst rared it's ugly head. Thankfully, next week
> it's my turn to volunteer at our local "cancer cottage". This cottage
> was built by the residents of Bathurst, all the building materials were
> donated and all the labour was done for free. We now have a beautiful,
> peaceful place for cancer sufferers to go to have some of their cancer
> treatment, and to recieve support & councelling.
> I know I have mentioned the program I am involved with before, it is
> called "Look Good - Feel Better". It was actually started in the USA,
> and was quickly adopted here in Australia. The team Leader rang
> yesterday to see if I was well enough to help, and I told her that I
> needed some humble pie again, and providing I could stand up....I would
> be there!
> Janet, I don't know how you feel about this, but when ever I am feeling
> "down", God seems to put me in contact with someone else suffering....it
> sometimes takes a little effort on my part, but I do manage to thank God
> for my blessings. I have a wonderful, loving husband, four beautiful
> daughters that I love & cherish, good friends here in Bathurst, and on
> the internet as well as many business associates who are there to offer
> help when I need it. Really, I am very fortunate.
> Well Janet, so much for me being up beat! Sorry, I have wanted to write
> how I was feeling for the last few days, and I guess I just got "verbal
> diarreah" when I started writing to you!
> I hope that you are enjoying the summer weather & have the opportunity
> to enjoy it!
> Love hugs & cheers,
> Jo (Australia)
> --
> Try this!..........
> Smile as often as you can at those you love.....
> and to strangers in the street.
> The rewards are many.

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