Re: Thankyou

From: Wally (
Thu Aug 16 01:18:54 2001

Dear Marianne,

That is the power of this site, it's an international support group that helps SO MANY! We have all expressed our amazement when we first come across this site....we all think that we are alone......that there is no-one any where who has the same problem that we do. We find it difficult to explain to others who don't suffer this way. We have no outside physical evidence of the termoil that is inside our bodies. It effects our health, our families, our careers and our sanity. To the outside world we appear normal & healthy, and we are expected to perform accordingly. That is why it is up to us to increase the awareness of our suffering, we need to fight for recognition and we need to fight for serious research into adhesions, its cause, and how we can prevent it, and how we can help to heal those of us who are already suffering.

My best wishes to you Marianne, I hope that you soon find another job, and find a way to be pain free some day.

Love, hugs & Cheers Jo (Australia)

Try this!..........

Smile as often as you can at those you love..... and to strangers in the street.

The rewards are many.

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