Re: To Cathy from Sally

From: marianne bolding (
Thu Aug 16 01:23:01 2001

Sally...noone could hate you for being the caring person you are. Aren't llamas usually white? I've never seen a chocolate one. Sounds like a 'fun' challenge. take care... llama mountain hugs, marianne --- Sally Grigg <> wrote: > Dear Cathy, I hope you get better and better, and
> please don't think me a spoil
> sport but if you are taking any medications for
> pain, you can't drink.I know
> everyone's going to hate me for that one, But I
> still see Amber's cold face and
> know that alcohol and two pills did it. So forgive
> me my morbidity, and let me
> tell you a story of my morning. The chocolate llama
> got out. Everyone on the
> ranch tried to get him back in the pasture. No go. I
> finally went up the
> mountain to the grazing areas and with baby carrots
> in one hand and alfalfa in
> the other, I gave him a good look at what I had and
> then turned around and very
> slowly walked away. He followed me right back into
> the pasture as good as gold.
> I think he was trying to tell me that it was time
> for me to take charge of the
> animals again. The cows were very happy to see me,
> too. They started mooing
> their heads off, they wanted food. (I feed them
> more than anyone else, of
> course) Anyway, love and prayers, and I don't mean
> to preach, I just worry about
> mixing meds and alcohol. Forgive me for interfering,
> Love, Sally
> >

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