From: marianne bolding (
Wed Aug 15 03:13:37 2001

There are so many wonderful people on this board that it's very hard to thank each of you properly. I had 75 e-mails to sort through after the un-employment line, the chiro, and trying to get medical things taken care of (Records, stock on prescriptions), the hubbys dinner, and grocery shopping. (Something about groceries...frozen veggies are more than canned, fiber cereals for hubby are more than junk cereals, soy milk is more than Vitamin D, Brummel and brown is more than margarine, whole grain breads are more than white breads. All the stuff that's good for you is more expensive. ???) I'm under the weather and feel a little on "over-load". But, welcome to all the new people to the site...I, too, received more info here than any doctor ever gave to me...(as stated in an e-mail I read). And thanks to everyone for their supportive words. To have a lap and be diagnosed with adhesions, then later a hernia, and losing my job---all in a matter of 2 months would have cracked me if it weren't for the release I get here. This board truly helped me from isolating myself. I've never said to anyone, but, I was a frequent sufferer of panic attacks in my stores, driving, public places, even drs. appts. I think this board has given me alot of release...I have yet to suffer one attack through all this. So, my thanks to the co-ordinator of this site, and the individuals that contribute to it. Sweet Dreams Marianne Bolding

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