Re: Bowel Obstruction??

From: marianne bolding (
Thu Aug 16 01:15:11 2001

Ouch Lesa! Honesty is good...but bluntness can be softened a little...I hope he wasn't that insensitive...cause he sure sounds like it! How long ago was it? Love, Marianne --- wrote: > Thanks Sally, I will try the water. I think I will
> call my doctor in the
> morning. I did call the surgeon who did my last
> surgery, he's at UCLA but
> didn't hear back from him. Last time I did talk to
> him he told me that he
> wouldn't operate on me again to take down the
> adhesions, ever in less it was
> a case of life or death. So, who knows? I'll keep
> you posted.
> Thanks a bunch.
> Lesa

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