Re: I'm home! yippeee

From: Colette (
Mon Aug 13 09:19:54 2001

Hi Jo Gosh its been awhile i can't seem to get my ICQ working! Well i'm so glad your home and resting! I too stress just going to the doc. i've had so many bad experiences! I finally got insurance i do have an appt on sept 28th w/gasteroligist it seems so long when your in pain! And this poor doc. is going to get an earful i just wish i could poop normally HA!But enough about me you hang in there and rest! Love Colette >
>Hello to all my special friends on the board. I arrived home from
>hospital at about 9pm tonight (Monday), after spending three miserable
>days in Bathurst Base Hospital, before heading up to Orange Base
>Hospital this morning.
>When my ovaries were removed in April, a small remnant of one of my
>ovaries was left behind. So my body has been very busy making extra
>hormones trying to stimulate my ovaries....which don't exist anymore.
>This created an remnant ovarian cyst, whis was sitting just above my
>vaginal vault & pushing into my bladder. My poor old bladder only holds
>300mls, so it wasn't happy to be restricted by this cyst. (The cyst was
>the size of a large orange)
>It also caused pain which started in my left hip, then moved into the
>small of my back & ripped across my abdomen along the bikini line. By
>Friday moring I could only JUST stand up, walking was difficult & Shane
>had to help me.
>I had a CT scan & an ultrasound, which showed this cyst quite
>distinctly. My Gyno knows how much I stress about doctors, hospitals &
>needles! He was unable to perform the tricky procedure to drain the cyst
>until today. So I ended up doing "weekend detention" at Bathurst
>hospital so that I could receive adequate pain meds. (My Doctor was
>also hoping that the cyst would burst on it's own & that I wouldn't need
>to have it drained)
>This time I have to say all the doctors & nurses were wonderful & I
>didn't "stress" nearlly as much as usual. I am still a little shaky
>with the walking.....and I still have some pain, but thankfully nothing
>like what I experienced over the weekend. So, just as I told dear Sally
> was a minor set back!
>Thankyou Sally for your emails, and thankyou to all who sent messages. I
>am very grateful that this site exists & that everyone is so ready to
>support others dealing with this horrible disease.
>I'm off to bed with my wheat bags & pillows.......goody! No more
>horrible hard hospital beds....yippeeee.
>Love, hugs & cheers,
>Jo :-)
>Try this!..........
>Smile as often as you can at those you love.....
>and to strangers in the street.
>The rewards are many.

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