I'm home! yippeee

From: Wally (wallamara@hotmail.com)
Mon Aug 13 08:00:56 2001

Hello to all my special friends on the board. I arrived home from hospital at about 9pm tonight (Monday), after spending three miserable days in Bathurst Base Hospital, before heading up to Orange Base Hospital this morning.

When my ovaries were removed in April, a small remnant of one of my ovaries was left behind. So my body has been very busy making extra hormones trying to stimulate my ovaries....which don't exist anymore. This created an remnant ovarian cyst, whis was sitting just above my vaginal vault & pushing into my bladder. My poor old bladder only holds 300mls, so it wasn't happy to be restricted by this cyst. (The cyst was the size of a large orange)

It also caused pain which started in my left hip, then moved into the small of my back & ripped across my abdomen along the bikini line. By Friday moring I could only JUST stand up, walking was difficult & Shane had to help me.

I had a CT scan & an ultrasound, which showed this cyst quite distinctly. My Gyno knows how much I stress about doctors, hospitals & needles! He was unable to perform the tricky procedure to drain the cyst until today. So I ended up doing "weekend detention" at Bathurst hospital so that I could receive adequate pain meds. (My Doctor was also hoping that the cyst would burst on it's own & that I wouldn't need to have it drained)

This time I have to say all the doctors & nurses were wonderful & I didn't "stress" nearlly as much as usual. I am still a little shaky with the walking.....and I still have some pain, but thankfully nothing like what I experienced over the weekend. So, just as I told dear Sally Griggs....it was a minor set back!

Thankyou Sally for your emails, and thankyou to all who sent messages. I am very grateful that this site exists & that everyone is so ready to support others dealing with this horrible disease.

I'm off to bed with my wheat bags & pillows.......goody! No more horrible hard hospital beds....yippeeee.

Love, hugs & cheers,

Jo :-)

Try this!..........

Smile as often as you can at those you love..... and to strangers in the street.

The rewards are many.

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