Ho Colette!

From: Wally (wallamara@hotmail.com)
Tue Aug 14 02:19:18 2001

I'm glad you have been able to sort out your insurance Colette, that must take a load off your mind! Good luck with the doctors appointment. Shane dropped his bottom lip after I posted my message last night! LOL He said ok so you have your pillows & wheat bags...what about me? He has been great through all of this.....& cuddles are the best medicine ever!

love hugs & cheers

Jo :-)

At Mon, 13 Aug 2001, Colette wrote: >
>Hi Jo
>Gosh its been awhile i can't seem to get my ICQ working! Well i'm so
>glad your home and resting! I too stress just going to the doc. i've
>had so many bad experiences! I finally got insurance i do have an appt
>on sept 28th w/gasteroligist it seems so long when your in pain! And
>this poor doc. is going to get an earful i just wish i could poop
>normally HA!But enough about me you hang in there and rest!
> Love Colette

Try this!..........

Smile as often as you can at those you love..... and to strangers in the street.

The rewards are many.

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