Re: Hard times

From: Rosie (
Wed Aug 8 12:35:25 2001

Marianne I wish I had a support network here too. It's so hard to hurt and even worse when you feel alone with it. I live out in the country and see noone but the coyotes for days at a time somedays. By the time my husband gets home from work I'm usually hurting and he gets to bear the brunt of me talking about it as other than the messages on this board I have noone to talk to about the pain, & fear either. It would be so nice if they had more local support groups for this so people could share face to face. It sounds like many of you are very young too. It must be so much harder when you are young and have children to care for too. Rosie

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> Sally, my only form of support is this board. I have
> asked doctors about support groups...they just shake
> their heads and say it's a good idea. Just don't know
> how to find one...and what kind. You're right
> though...I do need to find people locally that will
> connect with me. Thanks for caring. Love, Marianne
> --- Sally Grigg <> wrote:
> > Dear Marianne, I'm sorry you are having such a hard
> > time. Life is not easy. Do
> > you have any kind of support group? Church, pain
> > group, therapy group,
> > friends, Someone to physically reach out and hug
> > you. The board is great but
> > life can be lonely when you're in real pain all
> > alone even when you're
> > surrounded by people. If they're not connecting you
> > need to find ones who will
> > connect. Sorry to sound so preachy, I'm only writing
> > out of caring, Hope
> > things get better soon, Love, Sally

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