Re: Chrissie...Did you?

From: Janet Karam (
Wed Aug 8 11:12:45 2001

Dear Chrissie,

Hi Honey! This happened to me when I accidenally spilled drink into keyboard part of my laptop. Either that or McGraw reprogrammed your computer while you were sleeping to make it more doggie-user friendly!

Love you Chrissie!,


hi Helen, i have no idea what happen........i think i hit the ctrl button and something else, then poof, there went my caps, i can't even do a question mark........ekk. please be patient with my little caps and not exclamation point or question mark emails till i figure out what i did - leave it to me huh.. when i do my spell check, it fixes some of the caps - phew love ya helen `chrissie xo's

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