Re: Hard times

From: marianne bolding (
Wed Aug 8 00:18:48 2001

Sally, my only form of support is this board. I have asked doctors about support groups...they just shake their heads and say it's a good idea. Just don't know how to find one...and what kind. You're right though...I do need to find people locally that will connect with me. Thanks for caring. Love, Marianne --- Sally Grigg <> wrote: > Dear Marianne, I'm sorry you are having such a hard
> time. Life is not easy. Do
> you have any kind of support group? Church, pain
> group, therapy group,
> friends, Someone to physically reach out and hug
> you. The board is great but
> life can be lonely when you're in real pain all
> alone even when you're
> surrounded by people. If they're not connecting you
> need to find ones who will
> connect. Sorry to sound so preachy, I'm only writing
> out of caring, Hope
> things get better soon, Love, Sally

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