Re: Karla's address again please/Sally

From: marianne bolding (
Wed Aug 8 00:12:36 2001

Sally, so glad that you get to rest now. You're not a wimp...stress completely aggravates my left side at the intestine area. Literally. (Unless I'm a wimp, too. LOL). Rest well after all that excitement at your sounds much deserved. Love, Marianne --- Sally Grigg <> wrote: > Hi, everyone, Karla's address at the hospital was
> posted here awhile back.
> Maybe, the same person could post it again. I sent
> her a card, but can't find
> the address to re-post it. The t.v. crew has finally
> gone. What a lot of
> stress that was. But its not fair to my husband to
> not participate after he's
> worked so hard on the Inn. Anyway, it went well, but
> now I'm back in bed.
> Stress is just the totally wrong thing for
> adhesions, or maybe I'm just being
> a wimp. Love to all, Sally

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