Re: I don't know

From: marianne bolding (
Wed Aug 8 00:24:14 2001

Thanks Amy. I knew it was the barrium creating the color... (thank God LOL) just a little surprised by it without a forewarning from the radiologist. Hope your surgery went well Friday. How are you feeling 4 days later? Hope you find relief from it. Thanks again. Marianne --- amy <> wrote: > Marianne,
> When I had up my upper G.I., the white stools went
> away after a day or so.
> My results from this test were that my pyloric
> stomach value doesn't work
> right. Dr.'s didn't find any adhesions and scar
> tissue until I had my
> laproscopic surgery Friday.
> Good luck. I hope the problem gets better soon.
> Amy

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