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From: marianne bolding (
Tue Aug 7 20:17:01 2001

I've been hit with a wave of nausea...but, want to try my best to answer a couple of your questions...yes. I had surgeory through an OB doctor...he determined my fallopian tube adhered to my sigmoid colon...causing the blockage. You eat very well, Rosie. I've heard lots of stuff about flaxseed...but, have yet to try it.and know (today) I realize I can no longer drink soy is something I'll be trying suggest vanilla? Is the plain bad? My bowel movements were also solidifed but ribbony...eventually it led to constipation then diarrhea. You'll know when it's time to do something more serious about your bowels. Unfortunately, the body very unkindly let you know when things are worsening. Bowel problems and a big fat toe...I wonder if that adhesion isn't attached from your toe to your butt...LOL What will they do to this big toe of yours? I pray your bowel problems don't intensify and your big toe heals well. Bet you can't even wear a shoe, huh? Love, Marianne Thanks- your e-mail makes me feel better. (though still nauseous) --- Rosie <> wrote: > Thanks for replying Marianne! Did you have to have
> surgery for the partial
> obstruction? I think my anger with the doctor who
> did this to me is almost
> as bad as the pain! I don't have trouble with
> constipation and I have a bowl
> of oatmeal with 2 tblsps. of flax meal in a cup of
> soy milk & a mashed
> banana for breakfast every morning - YUMMY! Actually
> it's not bad when you
> use the vanilla soy milk. I don't have trouble
> having bowel movements and
> they are solidified - just rather ribbon shaped as I
> heard one lady on the
> list mention awhile back. I thought maybe it was a
> temporary thing, but it
> has remained like that for several weeks now. I have
> a doctor's appointment
> Monday (pre-surgery) so I will ask him about it. I
> am terrified of any kind
> of surgery now after what happened with my
> Hysterectomy. I go in the
> hospital next Thursday for surgery though on my -
> wait everyone, - don't
> laugh - are you ready? ------ MY BIG TOE!!!! LOL!
> A table fell on it a
> couple of months ago and apparently injured it worse
> than I thought - I'll
> be bedridden for 2 weeks and won't be able to walk
> for a month! Can you
> believe it? Do you suppose I'll get adhesions on my
> toe and they will form a
> third foot? My luck - LOL!
> Rosie

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> Sent: Tuesday, August 07, 2001 3:11 PM
> Subject: Re: gross question
> > Rosie...glad you've posted. Suspecting you have
> > adhesions is an important reason enough for you to
> > post here. There's valuable information for us to
> > learn here...and I'm glad you found this site in
> the
> > "suspecting" stage, rather than after
> > you'll have better info to learn how to deal with
> > doctors, and personal decisions on how to pursue
> with
> > this medically. My problems started like yours
> with
> > the was a slow progression...the stool
> for
> > me was as you explained in the beginning...slowly
> > after 7 months things did worsen (maybe because
> the
> > adhesion kept tightening up on my bowel after a
> period
> > of time)...and mine did lead to a partial
> obstruction.
> > I'd watch your signs over time and see if they
> worsen
> > before making any surgical decisions. As you are
> well
> > aware of...surgeory could worsen problems...the
> double
> > edge sword. Have you tried a fiber supplement
> like
> > metamucil to see what reaction the bowels will
> have?
> > It is supposed to make the bowels more
> solidifed...and
> > if you have problems passing them, then maybe
> you'll
> > have more of an idea of whether things can pass
> > through your bowel normally. Just a thought.
> (That I
> > even tried myself). I am very interested in
> knowing
> > how things go with, please post to the
> site
> > and let us know. I send you all my best. Love,
> > Marianne

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